-1 -   How do you protect my online privacy and web security?

Megaproxy® servers examine each web page request and remove any information that may identify your client connection or any other identifying information. An extensive filtering process takes place to sanitize and pre-format the page per your preferences. Before the sanitized page is delivered to you, the server encrypts the entire network packet using the highest-grade encryption algorithms to ensure that your data stays private and is not collected by the ISP, employers, or anyone else. NOTE: We are able to do all this and pass along the information to you up to 5 times faster than typical web request retrievalas fast, and typically faster, as a typical web request.

-2 -   Are you affiliated with any organizations, like the government, that may be interested in monitoring my web activities?

No. That would be considered a conflict of interest. Period.

-3 -   How do you compare with other companies that offer similar services?

Surely, there are a few solutions available on the Internet. However, there are only a handful of credible companies that offer reliable service. Of these, there is only one using top of the line technology and replete with exclusive features: Megaproxy® is based on a unique ProxyOS platform that offers super fast service with enhanced privacy and security features that are not offered anywhere on the web. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Megaproxy® Advanced Web SSL service.

-4 -   What is the difference between a typical W3 proxy and a secure rewriting proxy, such as Megaproxy®?

Typical W3 proxy communications (HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS) are Internet standards, based and outlined in RFC 2616. Megaproxy® architecture is fundamentally different from W3 or SOCKS protocol proxies. What we do and how we do it is not yet governed by Internet standards. There are no restricting guidelines and no RFCs.

-5 -   Can I use Megaproxy® with third-party software, such as AIM or P2P?

Megaproxy® is a browser dependent service. This means that we can only support native web technologies supported by a browser, i.e. HTTP/HTTPS and FTP. You can still use any software applications requiring web connectivity, but only web requests from your browser will be rerouted to the Megaproxy® secure system.

-6 -   Does Megaproxy® offer 100% privacy protection against monitoring?

No single privacy solution can offer 100% protection against online monitoring. We do as much as we possibly can, but there exist many different ways that your surfing patterns can be monitored and there is no way anyone can combat them all. Monitoring can be done on the workstation level and on the network level. The common way to snoop Internet traffic is on the wire. This is accomplished using a monitoring proxy device or an on-the-wire keyword analysis server positioned somewhere on the network. Most of these devices cannot open SSL encrypted traffic and may only report the traffic from your computer to WWW.MEGAPROXY.COM. The other, and less popular way, to monitor activities is to install software on your computer that would allow for remote control or external logging to a central monitoring server. If your company has a strict computer usage policy, it may be a good idea to avoid any personal activities on a company computer.

-7 -   Can Megaproxy® speed up my slow Internet connection?

Since our client requests pass our servers, we are able to deploy the best of breed techniques to deliver the web pages to you in record times. For example, we use advanced compression techniques to compress the entire web page on-the-fly before it is delivered to you, often resulting in an impressive up to 70% decrease in page size. This means that it can be delivered to you faster than ever before. We also offer advertisement filtering options to stop annoying marketing from clogging available bandwidth and make web surfing faster and more responsive These are just a few of the standard performance enhancements Megaproxy® users enjoy.

-8 -   What Internet protocols does your service support?

Megaproxy® supports the latest technologies, such as HTTP/1.1, HTTPS v 3.0, and anonymous FTP downloads. Our system is also backward compatible with the older HTTP/1.0 standard. For security reasons, we prohibit the secure retrieval of web content from SSL-enabled web servers that only support legacy HTTPS v2.0 protocol.

-9 -   Are all web sites/pages accessible with Megaproxy® ?

No. There are certain web sites and pages that Megaproxy® cannot safely process. For example, those web sites that do not comply with widely-accepted W3 Internet standards or that rely on third-party plugin functionality. For maximum privacy protection, Megaproxy® removes all active content, such as JScript or Java Applets, that may render some web pages inaccessible. Safer handling of JavaScript and Macromedia Flash is available to the Advanced service subscribers. However, even with JavaScript handling enabled, there will be web pages with unsafe JavaScript functions that we will not process. For your protection, Megaproxy® also performs strict SSL certificate checks for pass-thru secure connections to the SSL enabled web sites. If there are any problems with the authenticity of a remote secure site, such as an invalid certificate or a mismatch with the domain name, access to that site will not be allowed.

-10 -   Is the Megaproxy® service fast for broadband users ?

Yes. However, service speed is a relative term and greatly depends on remote web server performance, Internet latencies, and the Internet proximity between your computer, Megaproxy®, and a remote site. If the site that you access is slow, unresponsive, or times-out, the performance of Megaproxy® during the session will be impacted.

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