Our mission at, Inc is to develop and deliver the most technologically advanced web privacy solutions possible. We want to protect our position at the leading edge of the emerging SSL VPN (SSL Virtual Private Networking) provider market. We strive to create the safest, most secure Internet experience for our sophisticated customers. Accordingly, we invest heavily in advanced research and custom development to continually improve the features and performance of our core services.

The Challenge

The path from a proven, truly valuable web technology to commercial success has eluded many Internet entrepreneurs. In many cases, technology start-ups were not prepared to stick with the founding business principles that may have garnered them a customer base early on in the business lifecycle. In response to ever-weakening financial results, they are forced to make compromises that directly affect customer commitments, and in the process destroy any hope of long-term success. This pattern has been repeated over and over, and through association has tarnished the credibility of many online ventures.

The Solution

By avoiding the mistakes made by predecessors in the technology start-up arena,, Inc has achieved notable commercial success. The market for meaningful web technologies is far from saturated. The intense competition in the web security field is focused on exploitative marketing and advertising campaigns, thus missing the big picture. At Megaproxy®, we believe it is critical that fully developed and integrated technologies be molded into an entire web privacy service offering. Unlike the many Internet companies already operating throughout the web, Megaproxy® offers a truly custom engineered series of advanced technologies that merge together to consistently perform to the highest customer expectations. Although the development costs of these solutions can be quite high, we feel it is imperative that technological solutions evolve at the same rapid pace as that of underlying Internet technologies.

The Difference, Inc was conceived and created on the premise that even the best technology needs to be supported and delivered as part of a cohesive, flexible business plan. We are executing on a unique combination of technology and business processes that will lead to the realization of our mission.

The Next Level

Megaproxy's core technology - ProxyOS™ - offers an unmatched user experience through a highly advanced architecture designed to leverage the speed of the Internet while simultaneously providing the strongest foundation for privacy and web security. The proven capabilities of ProxyOS™, along with our commitment to innovation, will ensure the best-of-breed technology solutions for your web experience for the 21st century and beyond.

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