Shaping the future of Web SSL VPN technologies, we designed the first stand-alone application platform to provide centrally-managed application-level privacy and security protection for our users. The unique architecture, called ProxyOS, is a full-featured, server-side software solution that allows for a simplified integration of Internet legacy and emerging technologies. Leveraging the best-of-breed Internet technologies available, ProxyOS supports the latest FTP, HTTP/1.1 and HTTPSv3 protocols while comfortably interoperating with older Internet standards.

Megaproxy® ProxyOS Technology - What it means to you

Before beginning product development, we evaluated similar services that were already commercially available. What we discovered was that virtually all web privacy services suffered from performance and scalability issues. Our research suggested that these solutions were developed without any consideration for further development or product evolution. We also took issue with the fact that many of these products were developed in development labs and lacked any real world exposure or credibility. Megaproxy's research team was not surprised that many of these quickly found their way into more profitable enterprise applications and moved away from consumer markets. The failure of these products to evolve to meet the growing requirements of Internet users presented a unique opportunity for, Inc. Accordingly, we developed ProxyOS and designed it from the ground up, as an "in-the-network" service that required no software downloads, plug-ins, or special browsers. It was designed to grow with the web; to be extensible, flexible, and virtually transparent to the end user.

Our Technology - The Next Level

ProxyOS takes traditional offerings to the new heights by leveraging the expertise of our development team and relying heavily on the constructive feedback from thousands of our users. Constantly being perfected and improved, Megaproxy's ProxyOS offers an unrivaled user experience. Our highly advanced architecture is designed to enhance the speed of the Internet while simultaneously providing the strongest foundation for privacy and web security. We combine existing and nascent technologies to provide a truly secure and enjoyable Internet experience. Megaproxy® ProxyOS Architecture Highlights:

  • Predictable & Robust - A full-object oriented design running nearly at the speed of underlying the 64-bit Operating System leveraging the full benefits of multi-threaded processing and effective memory management.

  • Redundant & Scalable - A stand-alone solution engineered from the ground-up to overcome the limitations imposed by other solutions.

  • Modular Design - Simplified development of additional functionality into the core code. Proven technology that has been extensively real-world tested and optimized to support thousands of simultaneous users and millions of connections on a single economy server.

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