What are the primary billing options to pay for the subscription?

Wordpay, Ltd -- (Learn)
You can pay securely with your debit card, VISA, Master Card, Diners, Switch, Electron, Laser, American Express, and other electronic cards using our billing processor Wordpay. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world, Wordpay has been providing e-payment services worldwide since 1993.
Paypal, Ltd -- (Learn)
With over 100+ million active users, Paypal, a part of EBay, seems to need no introductions. New and existing Paypal users can either make a payment directly from their Paypal account or select from other payment methods, such as Visa, Master Card and direct debit (online checks) etc.

Why does, Inc use third-party companies for online billing?

The primary reason we use third party billing companies is that we wanted to store customer information separately from Megaproxy® to further safeguard the integrity of your experience with us. By using a third-party e-billing company to handle all payment aspects, we are able to further disengage customer details from individual Megaproxy® accounts and avoid merging billing details to further protect your identity. The other reason that influenced our decision to use an outside company for e-payment processing is the fact these companies have extensive expertise in online fraud scabbing, proprietary transaction valuation methods, access to latest billing industry "negative databases," and credit card issuer "blacklists" to filter out fraudulent transactions and dishonest users. To sum it up, a reputable online billing company specializing in e-payment solutions offers a much better comfort level to the end users; these companies are subject to strict credit card data regulations imposed by credit card issuing networks. They safeguard the interests of all the parties involved and are a logical way to accept online payments.

Why is my credit card being declined?

A third-party billing company handles credit card acceptance decisions. We have limited access to detailed transaction information and cannot influence credit card acceptance logic. Therefore, we are not able to provide you with the exact reason why your credit card was rejected. Most online billing companies use a proprietary scoring system to evaluate each transaction. Even if there is nothing wrong with your credit card, a payment company may reject your payment due to a number of high-risk evaluations factors. For example, an invalid email address, billing address mismatch, user IP address proximity to the credit card issuing bank, open public "anonymous" proxy usage, prior disputes with online vendors that resulted in customer details being placed on "blacklist" or "negative" databases and many others factors that classify your payment transaction as high risk.

I have a billing related question. Who do I contact?

For billing, as well as any account related questions, please contact us directly via email or use our convenient on-line support request form. When contacting Megaproxy® support, please be sure to provide a payment transaction number (or a Megaproxy® pin-code) and the associated email address used during the signup. For account security reasons, we will not discuss account details if the support request is received from a different email address than the one used during the signup process. Under no circumstances should you email us your credit card number or other sensitive information. At this time, we do not offer phone-based support; however, in the event that your billing question is not satisfactory resolved, we will provide you with contact information to discuss your question over the phone.

I do not have a credit card. Are there any alternative payment methods?

You can mail a subscription payment with a money order or a check. Alternative payment options are listed here: ALTERNATIVE PAYMENT OPTIONS.

Why does the Megaproxy® service subscription automatically renew at the end of subscription term?

It is a customer convenience feature. Previously, our customers had to go through the same tedious payments steps to renew a subscription and told us that it was an unnecessary and time-consuming task to re-entering payment details, wait for a credit card approval, etc. Plus, customer account access lapses, lost private bookmarks, and username confusion helped drive the decision to automatic account renewal features.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to discontinue using our service, you need to officially cancel your subscription. You may do so by filling out our online account cancellation form, which is available in the "Your Account" section on our customer portal web site. If you are not able to login because you have forgotten certain account details, you can also cancel you subscription directly on the Paypal or Wordpay websites. If you need any help canceling your subscription, simply email us your cancellation request with at least two of the following pieces of information:

  • 1. Your payment transaction number from Wordpay, Ltd or Paypal, Ltd
  • 2. A Megaproxy® pin-code
  • 3. Your account username

Once we receive your request, we will email you a confirmation receipt indicating that your subscription was cancelled. Please keep in mind that your account will remain active until the pre-paid subscription term expires. After the expiration, your account and all information stored in your profile will be permanently purged.

What is the Megaproxy® refund policy and do you issue pro-rated refunds?

Circumstances may arise that negate a user's need for the Megaproxy® subscription . These may include relocation to non-Internet enabled location, long-term computer failure, or some other reason that interferes with a user's ability to enjoy the Megaproxy® Web SSL VPN service. While we recognize this,, Inc does not offer full or pro-rated refunds except when a user realizes that the service does not meet their specific requirements immediately (within 1 hour) after subscribing. No exemptions can be made regarding this policy.

I contacted Megaproxy® support via email and have not received a response. What do I do?

We do diligently process and respond to all customer inquiries in a timely fashion. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a reply to your support request within 24 hours, please contact us from a different email address. As you are probably aware, Internet Email spam is a huge problem and many Internet service providers utilize creative spam blocking techniques that frequently drop, filter, or move email messages to a "spam" email folder. It is a fairly common problem that keyword-based spam blockers incorrectly identify an email message containing keywords such "account," "password," "access," etc as a "SPAM" email and deny email delivery. Beyond the email spam filtering, please make sure that your email account is active and is not over-quota. For faster email delivery, we would ask that you contact us from the email account that does NOT use "human authentication" or any other manual email message validation methods.


We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you should you have additional questions.

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